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Hirose’s Design Partners offer cutting-edge technology solutions, services, and specialty IP to help address ever-changing design challenges, while Hirose’s Distribution Partners continue to provide peace of mind in connector supply fulfillment.


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  • Experts in logistics and capabilities
  • Explore component fulfillment services
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2333 Design Logos

2333 Designs & Manufacturing

Comprehensive electronic product manufacturer with a focus on complete in-house development.

  • End-to-end electronic product development.
  • No outsourcing from design to shipment.
  • Expertise in a wide range of electronic products.
Alloy Logos

Alloy Product Development, Inc.

Innovative mechanical and electrical engineering consultant known for precision and creativity.

  • Specialization in scalable product solutions.
  • Emphasis on intellectual property creation.
  • Expertise in challenging environment designs.
D3 Eng Logos-1


U.S.-based leader in creating end-to-end solutions that deliver advanced perception for performance-critical applications.

  • NVIDIA Elite membership, Intel (Gold) and TI (Premium) partnerships.
  • Renowned for high-speed application expertise within critical sectors.
  • Expertise in sensors, connectivity, embedded processing, and AI.
DE Logos

DE Design Works

A U.S.-based firm excelling in comprehensive electronics engineering and product development.

  • Proficient in embedded firmware and PCBA design.
  • Expertise in medical, military, and industrial electronics.
  • Emphasis on quick turn prototyping and scaling production.

MP Logos

MP Consulting         

Global engineering and design firm offering a one-stop-shop for comprehensive product development.

  • Multidisciplinary expert support.
  • Offers firmware, app development, and product assembly services.
  • Round-the-clock expert support for global product development
Nucurrent Logos


Leader in wireless power and data technologies, offering innovative integration expertise.

  • Over 350 patents in wireless technology.
  • Broad systems integration experience.
  • Specializes in consumer, industrial, and medical devices.
IT Paragon Logos

Paragon Innovations

Provider of turn-key engineering and product development services, from concept to market.

  • Expertise in technology creation and market launch.
  • Experience with Fortune 500 companies and startups.
  • Focus on engineering excellence and time-bound delivery.
Tecnova Logo


Electronic product design and engineering expert, excelling in IoT and custom instrumentation.

  • Expertise in IoT devices, custom instrumentation, and circuit boards.
  • Focuses on design for manufacturability and testability.
  • Serves a diverse range of market segments.



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