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Hirose's Wireless Solutions


Experience seamless wireless connectivity with Hirose Onboard. Engineered for diverse applications, our connectors excel in IoT, robotics, smart homes, consumer electronics and wireless networks. Hirose ensures robust and reliable connections, enabling flawless operation from drones in the sky to devices in your home. Trust Hirose to keep your technology perfectly connected, enhancing functionality and dependability across all platforms. 


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Don’t let questions about wireless connectivity slow you down. Click below to explore detailed insights and get all your wireless connector questions answered. We're here to ensure your technology connects flawlessly and efficiently.

Discover Wireless Innovation



Experience the superior performance of Hirose’s wireless connectors firsthand. Our sample kit offers you a glimpse into the world of advanced wireless connectivity. Enhance your projects with connectors designed for seamless and reliable integration.

Hirose Has You Covered Literally

Armored Connectors

Secure Every Performance

Hirose's armored connectors aren't just tough – they are precision-engineered to handle the rigors of shock and vibration in any setting. Whether you're designing for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, IoT, Industrial Automation, Medical, Industrial Sensors, or More, our solutions stand firm. Choose Hirose and gain a partner that understands the importance of durable and dependable connections across all applications. Your designs deserve connectors that stay strong under pressure. That's our promise to you — solid performance, no matter where you use them.


Countdown to Reliability:

Get Hirose Onboard

Nobody wants to be the one who drops the ball, especially when the stakes are high. With Hirose's micro connectors, you're guaranteed a connection as reliable as the Times Square countdown. Our connectors are designed for those moments where precision is key and there’s no room for error. Trust Hirose to keep your connections secure and your operations running seamlessly.


Tool Troubles?

Trust in FunctionMAX™

Imagine the frustration when your trusted tool gives up at the crucial moment – not quite a horror story, but close enough. That's where Hirose's Floating/FunctionMAX™ connectors shine, ensuring your equipment never lets you down when you need it most. Reliable, robust, and ready for action, they're the unsung heroes in your toolbox, keeping every task running smoothly.


Suit Up for Battle:

Don't Let Connectors Fail You

Robotics demand connectors that handle the unexpected without faltering. Hirose's floating/functionMAX connectors deliver just that. They're built for alignment flexibility and unmatched reliability, keeping your machinery always on point. Durable, precise, and ready for action, they ensure your robotics operate seamlessly, every time.

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Missed Alarms?

Secure Your Time with OneAction FH™

A missed alarm can set the stage for unexpected holiday adventures. Hirose's One Action connectors are your solution to keeping everything on schedule. Simple, reliable, and quick to connect, they're designed for those crucial moments where every second counts. This holiday season, stay on track and connected with Hirose, where surprises are only the good kind.


Don't Fumble with Bad Connectors

Stay Tuned With OneAction™


It's a real bummer bummer when your TV cuts out right in the middle of a big play. Keep your football nights free from unexpected interruptions with Hirose's One Action™ connectors. They're easy to use and ensure your setup stays connected, so you never miss those game-changing moments.


Production Problems?

Float Above With FunctionMAX™ 

Nobody likes to see disappointed faces, especially during the holidays. Hirose's FunctionMAX connectors are like the behind-the-scenes magic in Santa's workshop, keeping the assembly line flowing flawlessly. Their floating design prevents production pauses, ensuring every special gift reaches its destination on time. With Hirose, make every season a time of smiles, not tears.


Overcooked Meals?

OneAction™, the Perfect Ingredient

Avoid the disappointment of an overcooked meal, whether it's a holiday gathering or an everyday dinner. Hirose's OneAction™ connectors ensure your kitchen appliances work flawlessly, guarding against temperature glitches that turn feasts into fiascos. Reliable and easy to use, they're your culinary assurance for perfectly cooked meals, any day of the year.


Clear Skies Ahead:

Find Certainty with Hirose Connectors

Keep your drone flights worry-free with Hirose's wireless connectors. Designed for dependable and clear connections, they help ensure your drone stays in control and within reach. Whether you’re capturing scenic views or just having fun, our connectors make every flight smooth and enjoyable, keeping you confidently connected.



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